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This website is a collection of information on our Ancestors. There are many surnames but the top six names in the database are: Wilding, Meurer, Hellqvist, Plomgren, Ingles, and Allan. Click here to see a heatmap of the places where families originated.

Three main family history sections can be accessed using the tabs above.

Click on the Genealogy tab above to see a family tree website of all related family members with photos, documents, and charts showing ancestor and descendant relationships

Click on the Family History Research tab above to see detailed research stories on ancestors and subjects from the family tree

Click on History Tours tab above to help plan a tour of family history locations around the world

GERMAN ancestors … includes ancestors from the German families, MEURER & HEISEKE that emigrated to Australia in 1858, (162+ years ago).

SWEDISH ancestors … includes ancestors from Swedish families, HELLQVIST & PLOMGREN that emigrated to Australia in 1948, (72+ years ago)

ENGLISH & SCOTTISH ancestors … includes ancestors from English and Scottish families INGLES, ALLAN & WILDING that emigrated to Australia in 1872, (148+ years ago)

There are many other names associated with the above families. To see a list of names in the database click here

Emilia Arvidsson (Plomgren)
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  1. Ailsa meadows says:

    Love to read stories researched by Jeff Meurer about our ancestors .very much appreciated .

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